Please read carefully this section, for additional information do not hesitate to contact us.

Yoga Retreat

Yes, preferably three weeks in advance so you can secure your booking. We only have 10 spots available each week, our aim is to work with small groups which allow us to provide individual guidance.

Not for the week retreat. We just need your commitment to the practice, is the only way to really experience a transformation. For the Immersion programs, yes, you will need at least one month of experience working with another teacher or previously have done 2 weeks of practice with us.

Depends on the injury, if it´s a mild one yes, we will give you modifications to adapt your practice. If it is a serious one is better to rest for a few days and then join us.

Yes, we have a special discount for students that stay longer. Check with us.

Yes, complimentary breakfast (fruit salad & granola, coffee, tea & coconut).

Yes, you can share your room with a yogui or not yogui partner. Check our rates and let us know in advance.

Yes, but with an extra charge. Please send us a request before your arrival.

Yes, our place is family friendly.

You can come 2 weeks earlier and practice with us or have been practicing Ashtanga Mysore style with another teacher for at least one month.

We start every weekly program on Monday afternoon 5pm with the Opening Ceremony and a Led class.

Preferably around midday.

Yes, in the front desk but maximum until 5pm.

Yes, we have a parking area.

We provide mats, but we recommend bringing your own mat.

There is a laundry service available with extra fee.

Yes, we have a swimming pool for our guests.

Electricity is 230v. Two-pin round plugs. If in your country the electric voltage is 220V-240V you can still use your electric appliances.

Yes, but connection might be a bit slower than your country.

About Lombok

Lombok is an island in West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. It forms part of the chain of the Lesser Sunda Islands, with the Lombok Strait separating it from Bali to the west and the Alas Strait between it and Sumbawa to the east. The provincial capital and largest city on the island is Mataram.

Lombok is somewhat similar in size and density, and shares some cultural heritage with the neighboring island of Bali to the west. However, it is administratively part of West Nusa Tenggara, along with the larger and more sparsely populated island of Sumbawa to the east. Lombok is surrounded by a number of smaller islands locally called Gili.

You can flight from Bali (40 mins flight), Kuala Lumpur (2hr50mins), Singapore and Perth all direct flights. Fast boats and ferries are available from Bali.

Lombok is a beautiful island, with pristine beaches, waterfalls, unspoiled nature, and a welcoming Community. Kuta Lombok is particularly known for its good surf, snorkeling and stunning beaches.

Temperature goes from 20 to 33 degrees Celsius or 68 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Rainy season: December to March, some heavy showers and humidity, once a week, most of the time is sunny. Dried season: June to September, a little bit of wind less hot, sunshine mostly all the days.

All year round. High season between May to September and December.

We are close (8 mins walk) but at the same time we are in a quiet environment.

IDR, Indonesian Rupiah.

You can change money at the various money changers in town, or you can withdraw money from the different ATMs available.

The main religion is Muslim. Lombok is a very friendly island, locals are used to western people. Is advisable to respect their ways, especially around town or near the Mosques wearing appropriate clothing.

Kuta town is pedestrian friendly, with restaurants, massage places and shops that offer different products. IKARA is located close to Kuta town and beach. There are plenty of beautiful beaches around South Lombok. To visit them you will need to rent a scooter or car (at your own risk), our staff can help you to arrange this. Most of the main roads are in good conditions, but there are some unpaved roads if you are considering exploring a bit further.

There are plenty of activities to do around. You can add-on surfing lessons in awesome spots and incredible snorkeling trips to tiny islands. Hiking to the waterfalls, biking around town, kite surfing, paragliding, dirt biking, paddle sup, riding horses, or just laying down the beach and enjoying the sunset.

Must place to visit or chill out are: Selong Belanak beach, Mawun beach, Tanjun Aan beach, Sasak village, the Gillis, Gili Nanggu, Senaru waterfalls, Tetebatu, Rinjani mountain.

The main language in Indonesia is Bahasa, but each island has its own language around the archipelago. Sasak is the local language in Lombok, but in tourist hotspots, most people speak English.

Yes, our staff can help sorting out a transport for you. Please bear in mind that renting motorcycles and cars would be under your own risk. Be sure to have the necessary skills to drive these vehicles, wear a helmet all the time and make sure your insurance company cover potential accidents involving such vehicles.

Every time you go to a house leave your shoes outside, try not to touch the head of any local kids or point someone with your feet as it is considered offensive. When shaking hands used your right hand always.

Yes, if your phone is unlocked, you can buy an Indonesian SIM card at the airport or convenience store. There are many stores around Lombok that sell them too. The most popular cellular providers are Telkomsel, Indosat and XL. You can buy a pay as you go SIM card. You can load as much pulsa (credit) or internet data as you want. You may lose signal in remote locations though.


There are 52 countries that do not need visa upon arrival. This option is not extendable or converted into any other visa. Check that your passport is valid for a minimum of 6 months. At the airport your passport would be stamped for 30 days from the date of arrival. If you overstay you will be fined 300,000rp per day.

All the information above is generic and valid before Covid-19. Currently visas regulation is changing regularly, so we recommend to check the latest updates before planning your trip.

You can apply for a 60-day tourist visa at the Indonesia Embassy at your home country. Another way is to apply a Visa on Arrival at the airport when you arrive to Indonesia. Close to the end of your initial 30 days, you must file and extension at the closest immigration office. In Kuta, the closest immigration office is in Mataram. You will have to show your return ticket as proof.

The airport is 25 minutes away from IKARA. We have a pickup service from the airport to our place included in the program. Just send us your flight information by email or WA ahead.

Yes, we can arrange a pickup service from Bangsal harbor (1 hour and 45 minutes) or Lembar port (1 hour). This service will be at your own expense, is not included in the program and the cost should be approximately between IDR 400,000 to IDR 600,000.

You will need to pack summer clothes, flip flops, swimmers, hat, sunblock and comfortable clothes.

During Nov- April is the wet season you will have to bring an umbrella and rain coat, you can buy it here too.

There is a service laundry close to our accommodation.

Health & Safety

Lombok island is a safe place to visit. The main source of income in Bali and Lombok is tourism, so local people are used to see many foreigners. Even then, as in any part of the world, take care of yourself and belongings when you go around by bike alone, especially after dark.

Recommended vaccination: Hepatitis A, B, typhoid, tetanus, polio and yellow fever. Dengue is an illness to be aware of. Use mosquito repellent, bring charcoal tablets, or any oral antibiotic that can help with stomach disorder.

Is recommended to do a check-up before travelling, just to be sure you are 100% healthy.
In Kuta there are 3 medical clinics for minor illness. There are hospitals in Praya (20 mins from Kuta) and in Mataram (1-hour drive). Most well-known hospitals are Siloam and Harapan Keluarga.
The medical clinics are open 24 hours and sometimes they accept travel insurance as payment. Check prior to receiving the treatment.
Yes, as in any international travel is important to have a health insurance.

Although in Indonesia Covid-19 cases are dropping, we count with a standard Yoga studio protocol.

Prices & Payments

For bookings we request to pay the full price.

You can pay by Transferwise or Paypal to the Company or Maria Casalino (Marilu) accounts.

Yes, you can cancel, please read our terms and conditions.

Check in is every Monday from 12pm to 3pm. The program starts Monday afternoon (at 5:00pm). Check outs are every Saturday 12pm. You can leave your bags at the front desk but maximum until 5pm.

Terms and conditions:

Please make sure that you read our terms & conditions before booking with IKARA. Once you receive a booking confirmation and fees are transferred, you agree to be bound by our terms & conditions.

Bookings will only be confirmed 100% once full payment is received.

All prices are per person stated in United States Dollars (USD) and Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). We are flexible with currency conversions and normally check rates on XE or Transferwise.com.

The payment platforms we use and recommend are Paypal and Transferwise.com as we find them user friendly, cheap and reliable. If you experience any troubles sending fees with these platforms, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide further assistance.

  • Up to 14 days before arrival: Full refund (less 5% – read below). 
  • Up to 7 days before arrival: Refund 70% of the total payment. 
  • Anything later will not be refundable. 

Is important to consider that our aim is to provide a personalized service. To achieve this, we need to work in small groups so any last-minute cancellations will disrupt our weekly programing. Once a spot has been taken, that spot will not be available for someone else. If you are concerned about monetary losses due to last minute cancellations, we highly recommend getting a travel insurance policy. Travel insurance policies among other things, cover last minute cancellation booking fees, and/or any medical issues that may occur during your trip. 

Refunds will incur a 5% charge (PayPal / admin fee) of the refunded amount. Refunds will only be processed via PayPal and may take up to 1 week to process.

Cancellations and refunds must be requested via email: contact@ikarayoga.com subject: Cancellation.

The booking is only for the number of people specified in the booking confirmation email. Extra guests are not allowed without prior approval from IKARA. To request additional guests please email us to: contact@ikarayoga.com subject: Extra guests.

Once guest(s) have checked in to IKARA, no refund will be granted.

If guest(s) choose to leave IKARA before their program is finished, no refund will be granted.

In special circumstances, refunds or partial refunds will only be granted at our own discretion. Please, present your case with all the relevant support by email to: contact@ikarayoga.com subject: Refund. 

  • A booking becomes final from the date we send a confirmation via email.
  • Check-in is from 12pm until 3pm every Monday.
  • Check out is before 12 pm every Saturday.
  • No smoking in rooms.
  • No pets allowed.

IKARA is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal and/or rented items. We provide a safety box in each room where you can keep important belongings and money. There are clinics in Kuta and hospitals in Mataram that can assist in case emergencies. Please make sure you have a good medical insurance to cover any health-related issues that may occur during your trip.
We can assist you with car, motorbike and scooter rentals; please bear in mind that these agreements are done with third party companies or persons. Therefore, IKARA cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries resulting from the quality or use of these vehicles. Most vehicles are rented out by local people so normally insurance is not included. Try to rent from recommended companies or persons and make sure you have the proper skills to drive these vehicles. Always wear a helmet when riding a motorbike, roads and drivers can be tricky in Indonesia. Remember to check the conditions of the vehicles before closing any deal, and always park in places where you have a parking area or some sort of surveillance.

IKARA is not responsible and cannot pay for compensation in situations that are beyond our control. These circumstances include, but are not limited to: earthquakes, volcano eruptions, flights affected by volcano smoke, floods, landslides, tsunamis, storms, civil strife, fires, wars or threat of war, actual or threaten of terrorist activities, epidemics, pandemics or similar situations.

We will make our best effort ensure you have a pleasant stay with us. If you encounter any problem, please try to report it as soon as possible so we can work it out and solve it. We cannot accept any liability for complaints presented after 1 week of leaving IKARA.

If there are any topics that we didn’t cover or any extra information that you require, please do not hesitate to contact us before making the decision of joining one of our programs.

  • Please practice the Niyama (bahir) Saucha, external cleanliness, by taking a shower or bath prior to coming to each practice and wear clean clothes.
  • It is recommended to bring your own yoga mat, a cotton mat and a small towel to practice. Clean your yoga mat after use and regularly wash your cotton mat and towel. If you do not have your own mat there are mats available at the shala and cleaning spray to utilize after.
  • Try to avoid using perfumes, deep heat, tiger balm or other highly fragranced items prior to practice. If you are allergic to incense, please let us know.
  • It is recommended to practice on an empty stomach. Please avoid eating a meal for 2-3 hours before class.
  • Arrive in a timely manner to finish your practice within the allotted time.
  • Please inform us of any injuries, illnesses, concerns or pregnancy before you start the practice. If any posture feels painful, risky or dangerous, gently come out of the posture and speak to the teacher. Always listen to your body and follow its inherent wisdom. Practice today so you can practice tomorrow.
  • Aligned with teaching Ashtanga Yoga traditionally, hands on adjustments will be offered. These are a normal part of the learning process to deepen your practice, postures and awareness; however, is not the only way to do so. If you do not feel comfortable receiving hands on adjustments, do not hesitate to let us know. Your decision will be respected, and you are under no obligation to explain your reasoning. For those who are open to receive physical adjustments, feel free to communicate if there is any way we can assist you more effectively.
  • Ideally do not bring your phone into the shala. If you bring it, please turn it off or put it on silent, avoid looking at it during the practice.
  • Place your mat down in one place, filling the shala up from the front in a quiet way.
  • In accordance with tradition, please do your best not to deviate from the sequence, modify or utilize props (including sheets or notes). If you cannot remember the sequence yet, do not worry, it is the role of the teacher to remind you and help you memorize the order.
  • Please avoid drinking water during your practice, and from eating or drinking for 20-40 minutes afterwards.
  • Please avoid chatting to each other during class. You can socialize after the class is finished, or at the common areas away from the shala.
  • Please be respectful of other practitioners, their space and the studio.
  • Please do not ask for the next posture. Yoga is much more than asana. It will be given to you at the appropriate time.

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