Full Moon Women Circle

Novotel Lombok
Price: free · Duration: 1 hr
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Full Moon Women Circle
Meditation to set up our goals in life
Location: Novotel beach
Time: 5pm
Free event
Please bring a sarong and flowers.
We, Marilu and Elena, felt the inner calling to open a safe and sacred space for women where they can connect, share, support each other, use our voices to be heard and to be seen.
Women throughout history have gathered in circles to empower each other and share wisdom. These affirming community gatherings help women get in touch with their inner voice, find a different perspective and turn up their positive vibrations.
It is the trustful place where we can share our doubts, questions, pain, worries, or happiness, find new insights and answers, and hear our inner voice.
In this Circle, you are allowed to express yourself and feel protected. All that is said stays in the Circle, Is a perfect moment to feel the power of a group, to be in harmony with life and nature.
We will create a safe space in which each of us is seen and heard and is allowed to share our story and find our new insights.
This Full Moon is a special one because it is the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. It is called the Strawberry Moon and the Birth Moon. It is the time when trees, flowers, and animals wake up after their long hibernation.
This Full moon is a perfect moment to check how we have progressed in our lives and to set up goals.
We will do a powerful meditation to put our intentions and to help ask for the universe to give us strength and determination to do it.
At the end, we will chant the mantra OM that is the eternal mantra, the one that is the vibration of all beings and Mother Nature.
We would be happy if you join our outdoor Full-moon Women Circle.
Feel free to share & invite friends, sisters, mothers …
Looking forward to seeing you!
Much Love
Marilu & Elena
Who we are:
Marilu Casalino
Started practicing in 2002, two years later she started teaching in gyms and well-known studios in Lima, training professional surfers and people with sports injuries. In 2006, she was certified as Pilates Mat Instructor. In 2011 achieved her 200 hrs Teacher Training of Power Yoga and a Certification in Prenatal Yoga (E-RYT 200).
In March 2019 she was granted Authorized Teacher Level 1 by Sharath Jois, grandson of Pattabhi Jois.
Marilu committed her way of life to the Ashtanga practice, traveling frequently to Mysore India to study with her Guru Sharath Jois.
Later, she studied Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit, and Chanting in Mysore India with Laksmisha from the Sharath Yoga Centre. Took an intensive Ayurveda course with Dr. Chitra Lecka in Mysore India (2014) and a Transomatic Ayurvedic course in Mumuksha with B Naga Kumar (2016). Also Magnified Healing with Angelika Agnostou (2016).
Marilu studied and performed Modern Dance and Ballet, exploring many types of corporal expression and rediscovering Ecstatic Dance and the power of music for healing.
She is the owner and teacher of the Ikara Ashtanga yoga retreat.
I’m a coach, mentor, facilitator, healing arts guide, and artist. Privileged to be teaching, mentoring, and coaching people for over 7 years.
I am an eternal student of the mystery of life.
I am the certified NLP Life coach and Social and Emotional Intelligence coach.
I have been practicing yoga for the last 15 years, Taoism women practice, and breathing.
As a ceramic artist I have been working with clay for the last 8 years and that experience has taught me to develop clay therapy classes for kids and adults.
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