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This program will run every week of the year unless otherwise indicated (ask for availability for following weeks). Immerse yourself in this week retreat where you will learn, or continue to learn the Ashtanga Yoga method, working closely with Marilu in a small group and with focus attention. All levels of practitioners are welcome.

Twice a year (September – April) both, a 2-week and a 1-month Program. Take this chance to elevate further your practice and knowledge of the Ashtanga Yoga method, working closely with Marilu in a small group and with focus attention. These Programs are recommended for students that already have a stablished Yoga practice. You will need at least one month of experience working with another teacher or previously have done 2 weeks of practice with us.

Ashtanga Yoga is a traditional and timeless method. In relatively recent times the method was recorded by Sri T. Krishnamacharya and his disciple Sri K Pattabhi Jois (Guruji). Nowadays his son Manju Jois, his daughter Saraswathi Jois and grandson Sharath Jois carry the lineage of the method.

The Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice is a movement meditation. In Ashtanga there is a special focus on breathing, as each Asana is accompanied by an inhalation and exhalation. We call this Vinyasa, a breathing and movement system that has one breath for each movement.

The goal is that every breath taken becomes a conscious one. The set sequence, the consistent flow, the internal holding of the bandhas, the drishti (focal point), and listening to the sound of our own breath are all techniques designed to withdraw the senses.

Happy clients

I first met Marilou in Lombok where she was teaching Ashtanga and have since carried on being a student of hers from a distance in an online Mysore shala. I have been amazed at how attentive, knowledgeable, and passionate she is in her teaching. Whether in person or online she always manages to see what adjustments and extra ‘homework’ is needed to help you move forwards in your practice. I appreciate her approach and teaching - she manages to balance that need for a bit of encouragement and a bit of a push in a really nice way.
Anna Bolin
I've been doing yoga in Belgium for many years. I joined Marilu's classes some time ago and I absolutely love it : she offers custom made exercises adapted to your personal self which makes you feel really comfortable. You can feel her long experience. And as she usually uses only small groups she can pay attention to every person individually. If you ever have the opportunity to follow one of Marilu's classes: highly recommended!
Karin Leysen
I've had a number of Ashtanga yoga teachers over the years and I can honestly say that, Marilu is a woman who has a genuine love for teaching. "Passionate" maybe an overused word, but there's no better way to describe her teaching style. And it goes well beyond face to face encounters with her in the yoga shala. She loves to share the knowledge that she has acquired over the years via a number of mediums. Her technique is sound and her hands-on adjustments in a Mysore setting are informed and carefully considered to suit any limitations of her students. She's also a warm and engaging human being. I had recommended Marilu to a number of friends. Three of whom have since made the journey to practise with her in Lombok.
Dom Nocum

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